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Guido Segal


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Original Screenplays

Some of the awesome projects I've been working on!

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High Priest (TV Drama)

Timothy Leary's biopic!

When an eccentric Psychology professor fails to deliver the new treatment he had promised, he decides to introduce his Harvard students to psychedelic mushrooms, setting in motion a social revolution that will define 1960s America.

The Young Lords (TV  Drama)

Drugs, politics and revolutionaries!

Chicago, 1968. When Jose "Cha Cha" Jimenez, a Puerto Rican drug lord, discovers that Mayor Richard J. Daley has ordered the cops to evict poor Latino families as a part of a massive urban renewal plan, he decides to fight back by organizing his neighborhood’s multiple gangs into a revolutionary movement.

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Nameless River (TV Drama)

Samantha Kittridge, a young American tourist, disappears in the deserts of La Rioja, Argentina's most medieval province. Miriam Arrondo, an over-achieving court secretary who aspires to become La Rioja's first ever-female judge, is tasked with finding the missing girl. While also helping the local people resist against the arrival of a powerful mining company, Miriam will have to put the pieces of the puzzle together to find the girl in order to prevent an international conflict.


The Way of the Marshlands (Feature Film)

Taking a break from his duties as a teacher in a prison facility in Baton Rouge, Ivy Leaguer Jake Ferreyra sets out towards New Orleans, so he can fly back to Los Angeles and spend his holiday with his girlfriend Rita. However, due to a massive flood,
Jake gets stranded in a Cajun town where a gambling spree leaves him completely broke. He quickly falls in with the hard-drinking, heroin-abusing locals, who constantly ply him with alcohol and force him to participate in a gruesome alligator hunt. After a few days in the Louisiana swaps, the teacher is the one who will get a lesson. An education in savagery.

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About Me

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1983. Before moving to Los Angeles to pursue my MFA in Screenwriting at UCLA, I was a journalist and a film critic, selected as a Juror at la Semaine de la Critique, during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. I have worked as a documentary filmmaker for History and Discovery Channel covering political topics (Asylum Seekers; Sicarios). I also had a vast experience as an assistant director and screenwriter for films and TV. I co-wrote the Argentinian films Leones (2012) and Kékzsakállú (2016). I was also staffed as a TV writer in three shows: Un Año Para Recordar (2011-2012); La Asombrosa Excursión de Zamba (2014-2016); and Siesta Z (2016). The last two animated shows were nominated for International Emmy Awards in the Kids category. I have lived in Argentina, Spain and Finland, and I've taught Screenwriting and Film Analysis in Universidad del Cine (Buenos Aires), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), TAMK University (Tampere, Finland) and UCLA.

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